Chapter 1 Auf Wiedersehen Berlin A start of story to unknown and unseen.
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“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” Mark Twain

Berlin, 29 April 2018 The Adventure Begins

"Wake up, Wake up Willi. Today is the day which you have been waiting for long time. Adventure of your life time awaits. Wake up!".

After a short but deep sleep, this strange dream woke me up with rather “unusual” weather in Berlin, sunny and warm. While looking out from the windows of my 8th floor apartment at Berlin's landscape -
“This could be a good sign for starting an Around The World Trip on motorcycle,” I thought in my head.

It took nearly five years for this moment to be arrived. After all the preparations and struggles, I was not sure if i was excited or anxious more. It was difficult to describe all these mix feeling. The phone started to ring, it was my friend Wlad on the other side who was equally excited and happy for me to leave on trip.

An unsual Sunny and warm April day in Berlin
“How do you feel my friend? Today is the big day,” He asked in an exciting tone.
“Fear but excitement,” I replied while looking out of the window.
“Why?” He asked promptly.
“Excitement to see the unknown and fear of unpreparation to the unknown”.
“You will be fine. It is going to be great!” He said in a supporting tone.

Brandenburg Gate Bon Voyage

It was almost midday and I was late to meet friends outside berlin near Schönefeld airport. I planned to take a photo in front of Berlin’s famous Brandenburg Gate, but everything seemed to be in a rush.. After packing all the luggage, checking the tire and suspension settings, It was time to become homeless and jobless for long time.

After many hugs, handshakes and goodbyes, I started to move and unexpectedly I turned my bike towards Brandenburg Gate, five extra minute drive from home. Maybe that was the reason I wanted to travel solo so I can decide my turns and direction.

The photo that was planned many years ago to be taken.

“I have to take that at least one photo, it does not matter the quality is good or not,” This thought somehow stuck in my mind. The Berliners were busy with their daily life. The Messages tones were beeping, and blood slowly pumping faster than usual. “It might be the sign of excitement, or fear?” Well, we would figure it out soon. Today’s ride to Dresden was rather short, around 200km. I planned to stay with an old friend of mine. It was nice to see Ruben and Akos with their motorcycles and excitements.

Spreewald The plan is that there is no plan.

“I brought my tent and will join for today,” Akos announced. “What, really? Good.Ahh.Great. Ok..” I felt more excited and relieved. My be it was because I was still scared to travel alone and having someone’s company on my first day would be great. Initially, we took the famous German autobahn for 30 odd kilometers. Then we hit the curvy mode on and just followed the beautiful southeast Berlin green forests to reached Spreewald.

An unexpected turn in our journey led us to many impressive places.

Spreewald is a German biosphere, reserving the southeast of Berlin. Its forested areas and wetlands are crossed by canals fed by the Spree River. As Akos suggested to camp for tonight, I was flexible and also wanted to test the gear. So we decided to visit Rakotzbrücke (Devil’s Bridge), trying to find a camping place.


This bridge was constructed of local varied town stones in early 19th century in Park Kromlau. It was so thin and dangerous that only devil can built this. Even there is a legend that says the devil helped to build this bridge in exchange for the soul of first human who crosses it.

the devil helped to build this bridge in exchange for the soul of first human who crosses it. — Legend

It was getting dark and now what we need was a place to sleep and some food. “Let us drive back to the small road we came from. There I saw a sign of camping,” Akos recommended I nodded to that with my helmet on and we started to drive. It was nice surprise that it ran by the local administration of this town, In presence of full moon and warm breeze, we picked the place to pitch our tent near lake and started to unpack.

“I did not bring my tent,” Akos said.
“WHAT, are you joking?”
“But I did not forget to bring the coffee pot”. He then gave witty smile and said in lighter note.

A man never forgets his Coffee Pot
After a long discussion, either to leave to an hotel, or to stay and try to fit in my tent, he actually slept outside. All praise to mighty Akos. “Nice to see you alive”. Next Morning, I was delighted to see him alive and not so much disturbed by the mosquitos. Morning was sunny and warm, again very unusual but nice. It took way long to pack all the camping gears back and ready to get some breakfast. In such a small town that there was not much to choose, so local supermarket was an easy option for breakfast.

Dresden Inevitable Farewell

Soon it came the goodbye time. Akos planned to drive back to Berlin, and me towards Dresden. I really felt little sad while seeing him leave, because that means: “it is inevitably to leave people behind because of the traveling and I might need to do it more often”. “May be I am still not ready to leave my comfort zone, my friends, my town”, I wondered in my head. “But We will see”.

See you soon My friend.

But now it was time to hit the roads and cover around 200 km to Dresden, while avoiding speedy German highway. Therefore, again twisty and curvy roads until Dresden. First sign of rain was in the evening, but fortunately it was not during the driving. Next morning, I promised myself to cover at least 400 Km curvy roads was planned through Saxon Switzerland - National Park and crossed the first border into Czech Republic Prague.

It was my surprise that the trip went through a town name Heidenau, where actually the famous Heidenau Tyre comes from. Well, I unsuccessfully requested them for sponsoring the tyres. Now Continental TKC 80 on my motorcycle are in the Heidenau kingdom.

Saxon Schweiz National Park 1000 climbing peaks

Roads were getting much more curved, so did the thoughts in my mind. Leaving comfort zone was never an easy thing to do, but this is what I wanted and now there is no going back. “Everything will be fine”. I said to myself and give little throttle on coming out of corner. In Pirna, a small city with really curvy roads in mountain started. Surprisingly, Bummelliese (Lisa, F800gsa) doing great on corners and was handling the weight very well.

Bastei is the most famous rock formation in Saxon Switzerland, Germany. Bastei and the Bastei Bridge are the highlights of the German Saxon Switzerland National Park area. You shouldn't miss to visit this attraction! It can be reached in less than 1 hour from the capital of Saxony: Dresden. From the Bastei rocks and the Bastei Bridge, you have a wonderful panoramic view over the mountains. You will see the river Elbe, the Lilienstein mountain and Koenigstein fortress just to name a few. Bastei Bridge is a 76,5 m man made bridge which connects the rock formations.

Czech Republic Deer & Forest roads

It was already dark and there were still 250 km. The curvy road mode of Garmin picked up the route which went through very small villages and dark forests, yet I felt like to choose the fast route to get out of the forest earlier. But later I realised that I need to brake and slow down because there were herds of deers in the forest. “Sprechen Sie Deutsch?” He just shaked his head.
“Do you speak English?” no answer again.
“Benzin? Petrol?”. He just shrugged his shoulder like he never heard these words.

Few hundards Killometers and already in unknown, unfamiliar world.

Then reality hit me. I was not anymore in German or English speaking countries. It was happening and no way going back. no home, no job, no plan B. I was not ready on 3rd day of my trip. Well, was I excited for trip? No sure. Was I scared? Hell Yes. These thoughts were making clouds on heads while I was trying to reach austrian border. “Willi! You have only one day camping experience in your life. You have never stayed overnight with motorcycle. You never drove motorcycle with luggage. And Now you have started 400+ days around the world. Why?”

Fears we do not face becomes our LIMITS. — Willi